A boost! And we’re back.

Met with my advisor Wednesday to go over the first chunk of my thesis stories. This is our first of three meetings this semester and I think it went really, really well.

I have a great advisor who is a good reader for my work and who I think gets where I’m coming from a lot of the time. She’s also not an ass-kisser, which is vital. I wanted a thesis board that would kick me into shape and I’ve got it in her and in my two readers. I don’t always push myself as hard I could/should, so I needed a board that would make demands and hold me to them.

Check and check.

I always feel a little goofy talking one-on-one about my work. Like I don’t know what I say and what I do say doesn’t make sense and I get too shy to ask questions. In general, I’m a quiet, take-it-in kind of person. It makes for great workshops, but less great experiences in smaller groups.

I think it went well, though. She gave me some great ideas, I explained to hear a little about what I was going for and I’m on the right track for revising these stories into better stories. Awesome. I even came home and almost immediately started writing something new. I rock!

We talked a little about submitting work. I just got news that one of my stories was accepted for the April issue of FreightTrain Magazine. I’d never heard of them, but I figured I should submit something where. OK, to be really honest: I looked at other things they had published and thought, “I’m better than that. They have to take me!” And they did.

It’s a backwards way of picking an outlet for my stories, but I think I just needed the ego boost. I wish I’d sent them a different story, though, because the one they’re publishing is going to be so much better after a dozen more revisions. Oh well. Live and learn.

I’m going to try a new tactic: aim for the top and let the rejections roll in. Make a game of it. Aim for 50. Whore my stories out everywhere and see who nibbles. Sitting on my butt for so long has done nothing but make my back hurt. Got to get moving.


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