Older, wiser and even less motivated.

So yesterday was my 24th birthday. (Older-than-me mega hottie Daniel Craig also had a birthday yesterday – clearly we are soulmates. Also, that guy who wrote those books about off-colored ham and eggs was born on our day. I’m in good company as birthdays go.) Had already celebrated with a big party at my house on Saturday – the first time my MFA friends and my “other” friends met and mingled, so funny to watch them try to make sense of poets – so my actual day of birth didn’t feel like a big deal.

Started my day at 7:15am as I groggily tried to slap my alarm clock into silence, only to realize it was my cell phone and it was ringing. My momma sang me happy birthday and then proceeded to tell me how much snow they have in New Jersey right now and how everyone got the day off from work and school. “How much snow do you have?” she asked, cheerily.

None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

So off to work I go, grumpy at our lack of winter weather (though it is frickin’ freezing). Not a bad day, as work days go. I was busy and it went fast. Also, my dear madre sent me a very nice flower arrangement:

Flowers from Mom

What you can’t see is the big goofy balloon, now hovering a bit ominously over my head. But they’re pretty and they smell amazing even at a distance. Something nice to look forward to at the office – I don’t dare try to take it home on the bus. I’d walk in the door with a few naked stems and a handful of potting mix.

After work, one of my housemates and I dined at P.F. Chang’s and then I had a quiet night to myself at home with the cats. It wasn’t all bad: a two-hour special episode of 24 (mmm Jack Bauer) and I got a little work done. Plus I got a Snuggie for my birthday so I was, you know, snuggled up in that. (The problem with the Snuggie is it makes me staticky and then I’m afraid to touch anything. It’s like the Snuggie is punishing me when I stop using it. I’m sorry, Snuggie! I’m sorry!)

I’m in a big rut lately with regards to my thesis, which is bad news considering my next deadline is Thursday. As in, two days from now. I need to have 40 pages ready to hand in and I have 25 or so written, and about 10 pages of another story. The problem being that I decided to take the final story in a different direction and it’s in need of a lot of work. But I haven’t put in, well, any work since I decided that it needed it. I’m having a hard time getting excited about this piece. I don’t know whether it will end up in the final manuscript and that makes it even harder to get to work on it. I have the writing doldrums in a big way.

I do like working right up to deadlines, though, so hopefully coming down to the wire will get my ass in gear.



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