End of an era?

Tonight I had what may have been my last formal workshop…of my MFA certainly, and maybe…ever? The class itself meets twice more this semester, but tonight was my last story. As usual, I got a lot of feedback to mull over and meditate on (and, as usual, I have so much more work ahead of me than I anticipated – stupid me had thought this story was solid and just needed some tweaking!), but it’s a sad thought, too.

I don’t finish up the MFA until December, so I guess I could still take another workshop. I’m not planning on it, though. I’m getting kind of burned out, I think. Maybe it’s just this semester and its non-stop-craziness, but next semester I only have to take two classes and that’s all I’m taking. Thesis and something fun, something different. I’m thinking I might take a children’s writing class. Shits and giggles, y’know.

So, anyway. It’s a weird place to find myself. OK, sure, I know I’m working on my thesis and I know all my friends are getting ready to graduate and I know this freaking blog is called “Life After MFA,” but despite all that I haven’t really dealt with the reality of finishing the program. It’s scary!!

Come to think of it, I’m still not ready. Next topic.

It’s just been a rough week. I’m stressed out about thesis and my semester finishing up and finding a place to live next year, etc, etc. I just have to make it till May. That’s all.

For now I just want to make it to the end of Real Housewives of NYC and then this puppy is passing out!


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