Deep breath and…aaaaah.

Today a van was parked outside my building. It said something like “Superior Stripe-ing” on the side. I wonder if they feared “striping” would get confused with “stripping,” so they made it easy on sickos like me. I admit I did at first glance think it said “Superior Stripping,” and it momentarily brightened my rainy Friday afternoon. (And just how many things can you stripe, anyway? Enough to make a business out of it apparently, but…really? Maybe they have a contract to paint the lines on the roads?)

Oh yeah. That thesis thing? Finished. I cannot stop grinning. The sky is full of rainbows and little woodland creatures have been stopping by to sing to me all day. Talking on the phone last night, Joe was shocked at how bubbly I was. Apparently lately I’ve been a real downer, exhausted and mumbly. Who, me?

I told him this was only the beginning. After completing a rough draft comes part two: actually finishing the bitch!


One comment

  1. antiplath

    Congratulations!!! Finishing the rough draft, I thought, was the hardest part. That is, getting it all into one cohesive body. I just ran across your blog today and linked it to mine – we have the MFA in common.

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