Today in disturbing and unnecessary…

A racetrack in England is working to make the track more fun and accessible for women. What better way to do it than hosting a Ladies’ Day, am I right? Because we all need to be swaddled and “pampered” and gussied up to enjoy being around horses. (Personally I think a “pink haze” sounds like something to keep far, far away from – and don’t forget to wash your hands afterward!)

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they’ve hired a stylist to “make over” two of the mares:

The Kempton fillies – Moral (chestnut) and Robyn (white) [pictured] – have been groomed to perfection with the help of international hair stylist Sascha Breuer to compete in the ‘mane’ attraction on Saturday 5th September.

You really have to check out the website to see just how disturbing and unnecessary these “makeovers” really are (and try not to vom all over your keyboard). At least they stopped short of piercing their ears!


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