Heard today about author Matt Stewart’s experiment on Twitter: publishing his entire novel, bit by bit, for the world to read 140 characters at a time.

Maybe the novel is good? Who can say. I took one look at the rather ugly Twitter page (the cover art is a nice little image, looks especially nice all covered up) and decided not to bother. Call me old-fashioned, but I just don’t think tweets are a good medium for literary fiction.

Unless it’s super duper itty bitty short flash micro tiny fiction. And even then…



  1. Cate

    Cate, actually. 🙂

    It’s definitely working on getting your book attention – clearly it got mine and I also read about it on a number of lit blogs. Twitter as a marketing tool is probably a great thing for writers plugging their work, but it’s not how I want to read a novel. Or anything, to be honest. But I’m admittedly not Twitter’s biggest fan, so maybe I’m being unduly harsh.

    I still maintain that your cover art shouldn’t be hiding. Not familiar with the Twitter system, though, so maybe there’s no way to edit the layout to get your cover art visible. (Another Twitter failing, I say!)

    Thanks for the link, though. 🙂

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