Merry Christmas, indeed!

Exciting news – I duped a magazine into publishing one of my stories. What a bunch of suckers!

Kidding, of course, but I am being published and I’m pretty excited. It’s a young mag called The Wanderlust Review. I actually stumbled on their call for submissions while I was looking at Seattle real estate and dreaming about getting the hell out of Pittsburgh. Wanderlust, indeed!

The piece is short fiction titled “Follow the Signs,” about a woman who gets married and then runs away, not sure if she’s made a good decision or not. I think it’s a good fit for the Wanderlust Review and I’m happy they agreed with me.

Pretty snappy response time, too – only 39 days. I know that because I used Duotrope’s submission tracker for the first time ever. So far my acceptance rate is 100% and Duotrope thinks I’m a big fat liar. No doubt the coming weeks will pull that down to something suitably low for an amateur like me…

Feeling very puffed up about this “after” business now. A little positive reinforcement never hurts!


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