The Fiction Project

I’m very, very excited about this. (Fiction! Moleskine! Illustration!)

via TheRumpus:

When the Art House Co-op talks about making art accessible, they’re not just talking about viewing and consuming. They’re all about generating inspiration for artists of every kind by creating projects that will get people making, creating and writing.

The Fiction Project is one of those. And it’s easy: send $18 bucks to Art House by February 10, and they’ll send you a spanking new Moleskine journal and a randomly selected theme. Then you get crackin’ on a narrative of any kind, with at least 51 percent writing. Illustration is encouraged. You can collaborate with anyone you like and take the project wherever your mind goes, as long as it meets the simple criteria of the project. Check out samples from past fiction projects. All books sent back to Art House by April 14th will be included in the project exhibit and then become part of the permanent collection of the new Brooklyn Art Library.

Frickin’ sweet! I’m definitely signing up. Will you?


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