So…a month ago I lost my job and since then I’ve been living the authentic writer lifestyle – broke, depressed, drunk most of the time. No, I’m kidding, that’s not true at all. Being unemployed has been pretty nice. My time is my own, to use constructively or waste as I see fit. I admit, mostly I’ve been wasting it, but I have been writing a bit and submitting a bit.

I got my first rejection today – not my first ever, but my first in the batch of stories I sent out from my thesis manuscript. It’s a piece that I’m of course emotionally invested in, but the magazine was a long shot and I knew it when I sent the story out. Plus, the one sentence email form rejection was easy to wave off  and it came pretty quick (15 days!) so now I’ll be able to send it elsewhere.

I’ve been working on some new stories, thinking about reviving old ones, thinking about a new collection, thinking about short-shorts, thinking about a character who’s followed me for a long time and who I’ve yet to put to paper. Thinking about all kinds of things.

Thinking is not a bad thing to do, but I miss the accountability of being in school. I’ll have to start setting deadlines for myself and actually caring if I miss them. I’m thinking about it, anyway…

Now my first month of being lazy and unemployed is out of the way, so I suppose it’s time to get down to business. You just know when I find another job and have to go back to “work” I’ll be lamenting that I didn’t use this time off wisely enough. Dammit, though – sometimes I just want to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and eat cereal all day!

February’s almost lost, so here’s some goals for March:

  • Submit to 10 unique markets – emphasis on mags that pay!
  • Start and finish a rough-rough of two stories.
  • Apply for three grants.
  • Contact former classmates about forming a workshop group.
  • Go to three readings around the city.
  • Turn 25 and have an awesome birthday.

I didn’t put “read like a madwoman” on the list because I’ve already been doing that – see, my unemployment hasn’t been a total waste!


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