Joe Hill Reading – Brainstorming – Birthday

It’s only two days into March and already I’m hard at work on my monthly goals!

Last night, two (non-MFA, gasp!) friends and I headed to the South Side for a reading/signing/Q&A by Joe Hill – aka Stephen King’s son. Nobody mentioned it or even alluded to it all evening, so I imagine he’s pretty tired of living under that shadow and his reader based knows it. Also: he looks EXACTLY like his dad. Sorry, Joe, but it’s the truth.

I wasn’t familiar with his work, but my buddy who suggested we go follows him on Twitter and likes what he has to say. He’s on tour to promote his new book, Horns, which sounded like it would be an interesting read. I enjoyed the reading, but I didn’t buy the book…the three of us cheated and each bought a different book so we can swap down the line. Blame the economy.

Anyhow, I bought a collection of stories, 20th Century Ghosts, which he signed for me. I’m excited to dig in. Also – bonus points for Joe Hill – he has a story that uses Twitter and by all accounts it doesn’t suck. YES. Sadly, it’s not in the collection I bought. I’ll track it down, though.

The reading was held at the “new” Joseph Beth – across the street from it’s original, beautiful, enormous store. It was sad to walk into this new space…so tiny, fewer books. I hope it doesn’t shut down entirely. Blame the economy…

Later that night – much later, around 4am – I couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was the reading, maybe it’s wanting to take better advantage of my time off employment, maybe it’s how many contest announcements I’ve been reading. Well, whatever the reason, I had all kinds of story ideas running around my head so I got up and wrote down lines and ideas and outlined ten new stories.

I still couldn’t sleep right away, but my brain felt lighter.

Finally…today is my birthday. I am 1/4 of a century old.


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