Submissions Catch-up – May Goals

March was a frenzy of activity, writing-wise (I sent out stories to 12 markets), followed by a slumpy, lazy April – in other words, business as usual.

Bad news first: I racked up 7 more rejections for my collection. One of them, from a magazine I really love, was very gracious and encouraging – the sort of rejection that’s not so bad to get. At least it wasn’t a thinly veiled, “wow, you suck!” kind of rejection.

The good news is that I actually did get two pieces accepted. I submitted five little 100-word stories to a contest hosted by the Shady Side Review and, though I didn’t win, they’re going to publish two of the five. That’s some good encouragement right there; those five short-shorts are pretty much all I’ve written (and finished) since I graduated. I have another, full-length piece that’s fully written but still needs a good bit of editing and revision before it’s ready to go out into the world.

Story of my life, right?

Submitting my stories has been kind of frustrating. My thesis took up so much of my time during my last year of school that I really didn’t write anything else, so the only stories I have that I feel confident enough to send around are my 10 thesis stories…and even those are really not ready. There’s a couple stronger ones that I think are publishable, but the rest of them, I’m not so sure. (This is partially rational acceptance and partially overwhelming boredom – I am so damn sick of those 10 stories. I need fresh meat!)

April’s been a wash, so here’s some goals for May. A much shorter list this time because I’m working again and therefore have considerably less free time to spend not-writing…

  • CRITIQUE GROUP. For real this time.
  • Commit to fiction once a week. Make it a habit. Write something.
  • Research children’s markets.
  • Revise and submit 3 stories to above-researched markets.

Holy crap on a stick do I miss being in school!


One comment

  1. Bernadette

    OH how i miss school so much too!! i want to help you with your CRITIQUE GROUP. For real this time. bulletpoint. we can create an email-workshop – a workshop where you don’t even HAVE to leave the house! genius.

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