No news and good news.

I forgot how much life sucks when you have a job to suck up your time. I’m back to trying to balance life-time and work-time and writing-time, which I had enough trouble doing when I didn’t have work-time to worry about. Perhaps this balance is a thing learned over time. Perhaps I am still too burned out from MFA/Thesis/etc to commit just now. Perhaps I am a total failure as a Writer.

I’ll get there. Eventually. I hope.

On the upside, though, I heard about a new lit journal via Duotrope’s digest called the greatest lakes review (too cool for caps, see). They publish works about the Great Lakes region and by writers from that area, which is right up my alley, given that my entire thesis collection is set around a lake – a great lake, to be sure, if not a Great Lake – in northwestern Michigan.

I resisted the urge to leap for joy upon hearing that a journal dedicate to such a wonderful place (and the writers it produces) had been founded. Instead I very calmly and casually sent them a story…which they accepted.

I’m thrilled of course – after a sea of “no” it’s nice to get tossed a “yes” – but as always with my Thesis stories, I’m conflicted. They seemed so much better bound in black than they do in print anywhere else.

My own overly inflated ego? Hmmmm. I do have so much to learn.


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