Life goes on…

I still feel in a bit of a funk, writing-wise (FRiGG and Camera Obscura both passed on my work – damn!), but as with all funks there are really funky days and there are only semi-funky days.

Yesterday I got Writing Down the Bones in the mail, which several writer friends have recommended to me. Even just reading the foreword makes me feel better, helps me rethink my current mindset (though I imagine a foreword that didn’t make a reader feel excited to read the book would have been scrapped right away). As unmotivated as I have been lately, I do really miss putting pen to paper.

Today I got news that Ireland-based journal The Linnet’s Wings has decided to take one of my Thesis stories for their summer issue. That’s two that have found homes – technically three, but one was submitted/accepted much too early and turned into a completely different story. Anyway: yay! Not a bad way to buoy oneself.

I’m determined to start turning over new leaves in all aspects of my life. I’m leaving the job that leaves me no time and energy, I just bought a car that will take me to exciting new places and I’m getting out into the sunshine more (when there’s sunshine to be found here in Pittsburgh).

So we’ll see where that takes me…


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