Er…false alarm!

Just kidding, I’m back. As it turns out it’s nice to have a dedicated writer-space that is unsullied by photos of my cat or me in a big fur coat or cookie recipes. Not that all those things aren’t wonderful (sometimes delicious) pieces of my life, but…well, they have their own place.

I return with good news: two shorts of mine were recently published by shady side review. They were both originally entered in ssr’s 100-word story contest; obviously they weren’t the ultimate winners, but neither were they unpublishable crap.

More good news: I’ve been writing a lot lately. It feels good to put pen to paper again and empty all these thoughts out of my head. Funny to think that this time last year I was plugging away on my Thesis and trying to keep all my shit together. Oh, Cate – how delightfully naive you were!


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