In which I think four thoughts and provide four links.


I read Red Mars (is that’s what it’s even called?) and was not a huge fan. John Carter is a douchebag and I’d rather cheer for whoever is trying to kill him. Still, I was surprised to find out that Michael Chabon wrote the screenplay. His involvement with the movie is the only mark in its favor for me, and I still probably won’t pay money to see it. But this guy? I don’t know what to make of him. I guess it’s like everyone else in the comments is saying – you’re way off base, man.


Have you seen this picture? SERIOUSLY DID YOU SEE THAT PICTURE?


I saw this amazing crafty project and immediately got sad that I had no big event coming up where I could put it to use. But you know what I do have? A bunch of big Mason jars and a love of words. Now all I need is a fine-tip paint pen and I can make myself some literary candle holders. Worlds colliding, people – crafting shit and writing shit.


Fail Blog posted an image of ee cummings’s outrageously wonderful poem “i like my body when it is with your,” and categorized it “Engrish.” Apparently they realized their stupidity pretty fast, because it’s gone now. I love that poem. I’m probably going to have it tattooed on my body one day. Engrish! Give me a damn break.


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