Exciting news!

In September, I finished Clementine. I said to my writing group, “I think I’m done. I think this is the final draft.” And they said, “excellent! Put her out into the world!” So I did.

Out of the 3 chapbook contests I entered, I already know I didn’t win one of them. Another had its deadline extended till the spring, so it’ll be spring/summer before I hear anything. But the third one – the magical, wonderful third one – released its list of finalists and semifinalists over the weekend.

Yup, my baby, my girl, my second chapbook, OH MY DARLING, is in the running!

I am of course beyond excited – BEYOND excited – and I feel a little light-headed just thinking about it. I love this project, my group and my readers have loved this project, I even landed a scholarship to a conference last year off a section of Clementine, but it’s nice to get some outside gratification too. From a publisher no less! A publisher who could be my publisher!

All right, I have to stop. I’m getting too worked up. Anyway, I should find out in the next week or so. Fingers crossed!

(3 posts in 2013 already! Look at me go! As with every other year, I told myself I would be more active here in 2013. So far, I seem to be keeping to that promise. LUCKY YOU!)


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