2014: Year in Books

Happy new year! As 2015 gets underway, I can’t help looking back on 2014 – gosh, what an incredible year! What a year in books!

I started 76 books last year; more than 2013, but not as many as 2012. All told, I finished 70 books: 76 plus one that I’d started in 2013, minus six I put down and didn’t pick up again for a variety of reasons, and minus another one I finished in the early days of 2015.

Some highlights:

Favorite book by an author I love, who I planned to see when he stopped in Seattle on his book tour, but it was days after my wedding and I completely forgot until it was too late (and remained crushed and annoyed with myself): The Bone Clocks, David Mitchell

Best book that had me entertaining my loved ones with facts about poop (there are so many!): Gulp, Mary Roach

Beautiful, inexorably sad book that left me weeping on the bathroom floor (in the best way): The Kept, James Scott

Favorite book in a continuing series about a time-traveling Englishwoman and her hunky Scots husband, the first book of which is now a show on Starz (and I’ve watched every episode multiple times): Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, Diana Gabaldon

Gorgeous book, which I purchased from a bookstore in the valley where it is set, and also fell immediately in love with (the book, the bookstore and the valley), and am waiting for the author to hurry up and write another gorgeous book that I can fall in love with (please!): The Orchardist, Amanda Coplin

Plus many more – including the His Dark Materials series (Philip Pullman), the Sookie Stackhouse series (Charlaine Harris), lots of Mary Roach, Margaret Atwood, Emma Donoghue, Philipp Meyer, Rainbow Rowell…

Not all of those were written or published in 2014, but still: what an incredible year of reading! 2014 was very novel-heavy for me, so I’m hoping to get more poetry in my life in 2015. Dream big, right?


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